We only use the highest quality iPhone screens when we do your screen replacement.

There are a lot of places in Wellington that can replace your iPhone screen. Unfortunately, the large majority of them use very poor quality screens, which often leads to further problems down the track.

We prefer to use very high quality screens, so that you don’t have any issues once your screen is replaced. The only reason you’ll need to come back and see us is if you crack your screen again!

The industry standard for replacement iPhone screens are called Third Party screens. These screens are manufactured by companies in China to replicate the original Apple screens – but they are not as high quality as the Apple ones, in order to keep costs down and make them more affordable to the consumer. The most obvious difference between the two is the vibrancy of the display – the Third Party screens are not as bright and not quite as colourful as the original screens. Some people won’t notice the difference, but for some it’s night and day!

Having said that, our third party screens are of such high quality that it’s much more difficult to tell the difference between them and an Apple screen. However if you use your iPhone as a photographer or a graphic designer or that type of thing, or you’re finding it hard to pick between a third party screen and an Apple one, you’re probably better off going for an Apple screen (which we also stock – they are more expensive) – see below for more details or get in contact with us here for a quote.

Most iPhone screen replacement places in Wellington and around the country use Third Party Aftermarket screens – whereas we use Third Party PRIME Aftermarket screens. We pay more for our screens because they are of higher quality and are much more reliable than the standard Aftermarket ones – they experience far less problems and re-break less frequently (they’re built stronger). If you see iPhone screen replacement prices that beat ours, it’s probably because they are using the cheaper, poorer quality screens. However, we still beat most competitors even though we use considerably better quality screens!

We also have Apple screens available for those who want a screen that looks and feels just like their original one.

​For any other questions or for a quote, please contact us here!

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